Our retrofit solution upgrades your shopping trolley to a sales trolley.

UltimateShopper Retrofit Plus

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From shopping cart to sales trolley

The digital transformation is rapidly gathering pace. In all areas of life. There is also an increasing number of technologies infood retailing and therefore opportunities to attract and retain customers. In addition to digital marketing, it is the PoS in particular that offers excellent opportunities to improve customer centricity. With the Geck UltimateShopper Retrofit Plus, you can offer your customers the ultimate shopping experience: convenient, time-saving, comprehensive – by using your own shopping cart.

The Geck UltimateShopper Retrofit Plus will help you to understand your customers even better and make them additional, suitable offers. Dynamic and in real time. In your store. The shopping list is not only fully „processed“, but actively expanded compared to the use of personal scanners – and the shopping trolley becomes a sales trolley.

  • Scanning directly on the trolley or shelf
  • Concealed cable in the trolley frame (1.5 m long)
Handle + Hybrid padlock


  • Ergonomic design with extra large advertising space
  • Non-slip and antistatic grip area

Hybrid padlock

  • Can be unlocked with smartphone or deposit coin
  • Waterproof and shockproof 10-inch full HD touch display in aluminum housing
  • Charging time under 7 hours

UltimateShopper Retrofit

Cost savings
Optimization of waiting times

(Upgrade to Plus possible)

UltimateShopper Retrofit Plus

Cost savings
Optimization of waiting times

Localisation technology

Individual purchase recommendations
Route optimization
Sales increase

UltimateShopper Retrofit

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Ultimate efficiency
for your market

UltimateShopper Retrofit

  • Cost savings through reduced personnel deployment (Selfscanning und Self-Checkout)
  • Shorter queues thanks to fast customer self-checkout
  • Amortization after 36 months
  • Brand strengthening through technological advantage at the PoS
  • 10″ full HD touch display: shopping list, product information, shopping cart
  • Future-proof: upgrade to PLUS also possible at a later date

UltimateShopper Retrofit Plus

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Your Plus-benefits with route optimization,
navigation and recommendation management

UltimateShopper Retrofit Plus
  • Cross- and Upselling thanks to individual purchase recommendations in real time
  • Displaying advertising close to the product increases the purchase probability (on display or digital signage)
  • No searching, no staff commitment, no non-purchase: all products on the shopping list can be found and purchased thanks to navigation
  • Tracking and analysis via transmitter-receiver model that is mounted under the ceiling to save space
  • Dynamic shopping list and shopping basket analysis, evaluation of spontaneous purchases
  • Product plausibility check through localisation of the scanning process
  • Increasing attractiveness for new, potential employees by innovative and future-proof brand perception
  • Fully GDPR-compliant: localisation via infrared light, no cameras!
  • Creation of heat maps, zoning, route analysis; this enables optimization of route design and placement of special offers possible
More flexibility for you: you can also choose individual modules

Your customers will love you for the UltimateShopper Retrofit Plus

  • No long waiting in line at the checkout
  • ave time with self-scanning, self-checkout and digital shopping list
  • Goods can remain directly in the bag in the UltimateShopper Retrofit
  • Best overview of the shopping cart and value of goods at all times
  • No surprises or uncertainty: Incorrect operation is almost impossible
  • Clear navigation through the store helps to work on the shopping list without detours or annoying questions (search function)
  • Personalized product recommendations and offers like online retailers
  • Lots of background information about products, such as ingredients or allergens, quickly retrievable
  • More fun while shopping

Your customers will become ultimate shoppers themselves!


More transparency and fairness

You can expect a reliable and secure system from Geck for use in your store. We also stand for transparency and fairness in our pricing policy. No hidden costs or expensive surprises. All services, fees and licences are transparent and calculable. The UltimateShopper can be upgraded at any time.

More maintenance

The reliability of your systems at your PoS is our top priority. The G Guarantee is designed to ensure that the UltimateShopper hardware supplied by us is continuously adapted to current standards. If required, we will be happy to provide you with the necessary updates. So you can concentrate on your core business

More Support

However, if your UltimateShopper does not work to your satisfaction, you will receive fast support. Questions about your products will be answered by our hotline. With our remote service, we analyse your system and can thus rectify errors via remote maintenance. Optionally, we can of course support you immediately with our on-site service.

More flexibility and options

You want customised agreements for maintenance or support. Or you need an extended
warranty period, additional collateral or other options. We offer you a customised solution and will be happy to work with you to create a service package tailored to your company.

More know-how.
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