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Geck Environment

Environmental aspects

Environmental protection is an issue that concerns us all. This was proven to us not least by the recent events of the flood in summer 2021, which also affected our production. All the more reason for us as a company to see it as our responsibility to design our processes sustainably. In particular, efficient energy consumption and responsible use of resources are in our own business interests.
By acting in an environmentally conscious manner in their personal working environment, every employee at Geck thus contributes to the company’s environmental protection.


  1. We comply with the currently valid environmental regulations and laws.
  2. We promote the sense of responsibility and action of our employees with regard to environmental, health, occupational and accident protection and communicate the measures taken in this regard at regular intervals.
  3. We strive for continuous improvement in environmental protection. This also includes the self-critical examination and re-evaluation of our processes, products and services with regard to undesirable environmental impacts and optimisation needs.
  4. We prefer to procure environmentally compatible materials in terms of production, use and disposal.
  5. We use our resources of energy, water, materials and space in a targeted, economical and environmentally conscious manner.
  6. We ensure that waste is avoided and avoidable waste is recycled or disposed of in an environmentally sound manner.
  7. We use recyclable packaging material.
  8. We involve our contractual partners in our environmental protection activities.
  9. We work with environmental specialists who support and guide us.
  10. We rely on new, modern production processes and technologies to manufacture our products.
  11. We regularly conduct environmental audits and communicate the findings. Measures derived from this are openly presented within the company and externally.