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Plastics engineering

We transfer your idea or sketch into 3D data, from which we print a prototype. This gives you a first haptic impression of your idea.
In-house design and toolmaking allow us to produce silicone or aluminium moulds and subsequently enable a quantity-oriented production process.

With the gas injection moulding (GIM) process, hollow plastic parts can be produced without leaving sink marks. Gas is pressed into the moulded part via a needle. This creates a hollow construction and the parts produced are stable and economical.

In addition, we also process sheet plastics such as acrylic. Cutting, milling, bending, also with polished edges lead to high-quality products.

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Geck provides you with resilient solutions that are more than just products. We look forward to your tasks.

Volker Köller
Head of Sales

Phone: +49 2352 542-135