Geck Transport Trolleys

Easy to load, easy to guide

For heavy and bulky goods:
the GD range

The GD range—the professional transport trolley for all garden centres as well as DIY and furniture stores. Transport bulky and heavy goods safely—in store, to the checkouts, in the car park, to your car. Geck’s GD range of transport trolleys makes it all easy and convenient.

Transport Trolley GD 2
Transport Trolley GD 2 with bottom grid


The ergonomically shaped handles make handling and control comfortable. Weather-resistant and break-proof plastic guarantees durability. They are optionally available with an individual embossed logo.


Robust castors with a diameter of 125 mm or 160 mm ensure safe, easy manoeuvring.


The nano-sealing of the high-gloss galvanized surfaces offers excellent corrosion protection and allows for quick cleaning. Our wood veneers are glued frost and water resistant and therefore weatherproof.

Weight & load capacity

All variants are characterized by a high load capacity of 250/400 kg with a low weight of 23.2/27.2 kg.

GD 4 Transport Trolley

  • Compatible with standard transport trolleys from other manufacturers
  • Sturdy construction
  • Tested safety according to E DIN 8472-1
  • Nano-sealed metal surfaces
  • Easy handling
  • Plastic handle available in individual colors and with company/market logo

Designed for heavy loads

With a sturdy metal frame, waterproof, laminated wood panels, robust castors and ergonomic handles, the high quality materials and workmanship allow GD transport trolleys to prove their quality day in day out. A rigid, additional safety frame on the GD 5 allows your customers to move large goods securely in store.

Rolling branding

Optional 145 x 550 mm advertising panels are available for the handle—for identification or for specific customer information. Weather-resistant panels can be finished and printed to your design, or supplied blank for individual or replaceable graphics to be added in store. The force to move heavy and bulky goods: the Geck GD transport trolleys.

Transport Trolley GD 2 with bottom grid

The GD 2 basic model with bottom tray is the perfect solution for safely transporting bulky and heavy goods, e.g. within the collection area of furniture stores. The scratch-resistant metal finish keeps the trolley looking good.

The advantages of the GD 2 with bottom grid

  • Compatible with the popular transport trolleys of other manufacturers
  • Robust construction
  • Safety inspected in accordance with E DIN 8472-1
  • Nano-sealed metal surfaces
  • Easy to handle
  • GD plastic parts are available in many colours
  • GC frame parts are available with coloured powder coating

Not yet the end of the line

Large-screen televisions, computers or household appliances—the GD 2 with bottom tray/accessories is the ideal trolley for transporting goods in electronics stores—with a mesh tray, a basket for consumables, a flag for customized identification and all the benefits of the Geck GD range.

Tested and reliable safety

Transport trolleys of the GD range comply with E DIN 8472-1. This is certified by the annual audits of TÜV Rheinland.

More service

Geck manufactures the Silent Stars and Hidden Champions for first-class merchandise presentation at the point of sale. With us, you can always expect a bit more. We’re looking forward to your assignments!

Volker Köller
Head of Sales