The Geck Suite


Geck develops hardware and software beyond the above applications. The Geck Suite opens up unique combination possibilities for you. We will be happy to advise you on your customised solution. Discover more possibilities and more potential for your business with the Geck Suite.

The Geck Suite for

Industry & Logistics

More real time. More process optimisation.

With the Geck Suite, you precisely record vehicles and robots in your halls and provide valuable data for your control software. For more efficient processes in industry and logistics.

Would you like to be able to track where your forklift trucks or other industrial trucks are? Or which routes they have taken? How often they have been in certain halls or areas? With our smart indoor tracking system, you can answer these questions quickly and easily. Analyse movements in your halls and warehouses and evaluate them with our tools to optimise processes in your company and thus save costs. Our indoor tracking system is useful in many areas. Whenever it comes to tracking vehicles – including automated vehicles or robots – within certain boundaries, the Geck Suite should be your first choice. The vehicles are tracked in real time and localised to the nearest centimetre and can be addressed with your own control software.

The modules of the Geck Suite can be combined to suit you and your requirements. For more control and more efficiency in your industrial or logistics operations.

Solutions for industry and logistics

Indoor Tracking, Indoor Navigation, Tracking Analytics, Cust Counting, Instant Messenger, Access Control


More customer insight. More sales potential

The more insights you have about your retail customers, the more you can optimise your space and offerings. But the Geck Suite not only helps you analyse footpaths and customer behaviour, it also facilitates access controls and checks in times of pandemic.

With the Geck Suite, you can make heavily and lightly frequented areas of your shop visible. You can analyse and even influence your customers’ routes, e.g. with tailor-made special offers – presented at the exact location. Or actively navigate your customer through the shop using their digital shopping list. You can define zones individually and thus optimise your space and presentation. Discover unknown bottlenecks and have potential queues predicted so you can react quickly to visitor flows. Or put your marketing and advertising efforts in context with the weather or advertising print or any local events to evaluate them in a targeted way and learn for the future.

Access controls and visitor counts are not only informative in times of pandemic. But especially at the moment. The Geck Suite opens up far more possibilities than most other systems: Inform your customers about expected waiting times if entry is not possible. Give them a good feeling thanks to transparent display of current frequencies. Be informed by push if, for example, sanitary areas need to be cleaned unscheduled due to an increased number of visitors.

The modules of the Geck Suite can be combined to suit you and your requirements. For more insights and more optimisations in your retail business.

Solutions for the retail trade

Indoor Tracking, Indoor Navigation, Customer Journey, Tracking Analytics, Cust Counting, Instant Messenger, Queue Management, Access Control

Banks and Insurance Companies

More consistency. More efficiency.

Thanks to the Geck Suite, banks, savings banks and insurance companies can better align their branches and agencies with their visitors. Optimise your area layout, control visitor numbers and prevent queues and traffic jams, especially in times of pandemic.

Due to the increasing use of online banking, banks, savings banks and insurance companies are more and more obliged to operate their subsidiaries as efficiently as possible and still in a customer-friendly manner.

The Geck Suite helps you to record and analyse the utilisation of entire subsidiaries or areas that you can define, such as service, advice and vending machines. Where, when and why do queues get long? Place the collected data in selectable contexts such as weather or local events. This creates transparency and provides you with a reliable basis of information for your optimisations.

In addition, the Geck Suite offers you highly functional, automatic access controls according to maximum permitted visitors per subsidiary and/or individually configurable access authorisations (vaccination check, employee areas, etc.).

The modules of the Geck Suite can be combined to suit you and your requirements. For more optimisations and more customer friendliness in your bank, savings bank or insurance agency.

Solutions for banks and insurance companies

Cust Counting, Instant Messenger, Queue Management, Access Control

Trade Fairs and Events

More overview. More optimisation.

Access control and visitor flow analyses are essential for trade fairs and events, not only in times of a pandemic. With the Geck Suite, you can optimise walkways, area management and staff planning and even automate access individually – e.g. via vaccination checks.
For operators of trade fairs and events, visitor frequencies, dwell times or walkways are important indicators for planning staff, optimising areas and walkways or determining stand fees.

Whether in the entrance area of the exhibition halls or on the grounds of an event: With the highly modern and precise sensors of the Geck Suite, you can measure visitor numbers and flows in real time. If certain threshold values are exceeded or not reached, you are notified directly (e.g. on your smartphone) and can react immediately, for example by cleaning heavily frequented sanitary facilities. Evaluations and analyses can also be carried out to the minute, thus contributing to the measurement of success and ensuring future optimisations.

With the Geck Suite, you also make entrance controls more efficient and secure. Authorisations are checked and doors automatically opened via contactless QR code scanning. For example, your staff can keep their distance during the vaccination check and concentrate on the security check.

The modules of the Geck Suite can be combined to suit you and your requirements. For more control and more efficiency at your trade fair or event.

Solutions for trade fairs and events.

Cust Counting, Instant Messenger, Queue Management, Access Control


More order. More security.

The sensor-controlled solutions of the Geck Suite provide you with highly functional, automatic access control for your administration. Detect and control visitor flows and queues in real time, make your staff planning more efficient.

In many administrations, especially in the public sector, it is always a challenge to understand and organise changing visitor frequencies.

Geck Suite’s sensor-controlled solutions flexibly adapt to your premises and help you measure, assess and direct visitor flows. They detect in real time whether and where queues are forming or whether heavily frequented areas are likely to need unscheduled cleaning.

This way, you can optimise walkways and staff planning and ensure that your operations run smoothly and to everyone’s satisfaction.

With automatic access control, you clearly signal how many people are in the building or defined area, how many are still allowed to enter or whether waiting is required – and for how long. In addition, the Geck Suite allows you to check access authorisation automatically, e.g. via CovPass app or employee ID card.

The modules of the Geck Suite can be combined to suit you and your requirements. For more optimisation and more protection in administrations.

Solutions for administrations

Cust Counting, Instant Messenger, Queue Management, Access Control

Gastronomy and Canteens

More transparency. More plannability.

The Geck Suite makes visitor behaviour in gastronomy and canteens transparent and predictable. It helps you to deploy your staff as efficiently as possible; access controls and checks (e.g. vaccination checks) can even be carried out automatically.

The efficient deployment of staff is essential for the economic operation of gastronomy and canteens. With Geck’s CustCounting systems, you not only identify peak times, you put your visitor numbers and orders in context with local events (e.g. weather, sporting events, festivals or similar) and make reliable predictions that let you deploy your staff more efficiently. Detect queues or cleaning needs in busy areas and react to them in real time. Of course, you can also use the analysis tool to evaluate and plan advertising and offers.

The FixedGuard systems also help you with access control. Your guests can see immediately whether there is still room for them or if they have to wait and for how long. Define zones and even tables to provide reliable information for smaller groups.

In addition, you can even fully automate the vaccination check or access to other areas (VIP, staff or similar), saving yourself staff deployment and your guests time.

The products of the Geck Suite are quickly and easily installed by a specialist. If you need it even faster or if you are looking for a mobile solution: You simply set up the FixedGuard All-In-One, set it up and start. Done.

The modules of the Geck Suite can be combined to suit you and your requirements. For more calculability and more customer-friendliness in gastronomy and canteens.

Solutions for gastronomy and canteens

Cust Counting, Instant Messenger, Queue Management, Access Control

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